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How to clean ceramic cup

Cup of tea stains and coffee stains use toothpaste or the consumption of salt washing, the effect is very good

Usage: rinse the cup of water  (and leave no water), and then use dry salt or toothpaste in the glass wall above the rub, and then rinse with water


Whether salt or coarse salt is also OK, can help us remove the tea stains on cups, we can use finger picks up after the tea stains in the top of the scrub back and forth, in less than 23 minutes, you will find tea stains it miraculously disappeared! But also easily harm to the cup body.

Orange Peel

Sometimes run into them old dirt, how scrub brush does not clean all the time, how should we do? Do not worry! This time may wish to look for left over in the kitchen, lemon, orange, or eating and after going to throw away the peel bar! Coffee cup, use a little vinegar or lemon slice to wipe the glass edge, but if the coffee pot, we can put lemon slices, wrapped in cloth into the coffee pot with the upper part of water added to the full. Way to cook coffee lemon, making it a subtitle to dripping in the bottom of the pot. When the coffee pot in the water droplets out of the yellow, opaque, and this is evidence of citric acid remove coffee stains. In general, about twice the coffee pot can be removed is completed.

Fruit Piga salt

If peel instead Caigua Bu, picks up after the salt, then scrub brought tea stains, but also the good results can be achieved unexpected Oh! If not, then peel, using a little vinegar will also have the same effect.

Kitchen bleach

Dedicated to the kitchen bleach diluted in large basin in the first, and then put the cup to soak one night, the next day, after washing with water, tea stains on the magical land of clean yo!

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